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Using ShapeSheets in Microsoft Visio 2007

by on Apr.15, 2011, under Visio

Every shape and object in Microsoft Visio 2007 has its own ShapeSheet. A ShapeSheet is a set of definitions, or properties, for a shape. They control the way Visio creates shapes and the way the shapes behave in a drawing. After you use ShapeSheets to modify a shape you can store it in stencils and templates and re-use them in other drawings. The following are the steps needed to modify shapes using ShapeSheets in Microsoft Visio 2007:


  1. Open a Visio diagram containing a shape that you want to work with in Microsoft Visio 2007.
  2. Click on the shape you want to customize to select it.
  3. A selected shape in a Microsoft Visio 2007 document.

    A selected shape in a Microsoft Visio 2007 document.

  4. From the Visio 2007 Window menu, select the ‘Show ShapeSheet’ option.
  5. The Visio 2007 Window Menu

    The Visio 2007 Window Menu

  6. This will open the property window for the ShapeSheet. In the ShapeSheet property window, go to the location that contains the attributes you need/want to modify.
  7. The Visio 2007 ShapeSheet Property Window

    The Visio 2007 ShapeSheet Property Window

  8. Type in a value or formula into any of the property’s value fields in the ShapeSheet property window.
  9. Press the Enter key once you are done typing to commit the new value to the ShapeSheet property.
  10. To close the ShapeSheet, click the small red “x” in the right hand corner. This will bring you back to your drawing. The customized shape is now ready to use.
  11. The Close button for the ShapeSheet Window

    The Close button for the ShapeSheet Window

Now that you’ve created a customized shape using ShapeSheets you can use it in any of your Microsoft Visio 2007 projects. This can be done by opening your stencils panel or the template to which you saved the shape. For more information on how to use functions in the ShapeSheet property window please check out the article: Using Functions to modify shapes in ShapeSheet properties in Visio 2007.

Submitted By: Nicole Sisneros – April 14th, 2011

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