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Creating Screen Clippings (screenshots) using OneNote 2010

by on Feb.07, 2011, under OneNote

The Microsoft OneNote 2010 Screen Clipping feature is one of my favorite features in OneNote and I think a lot of people don’t know how useful it can be for day to day work. Using the Screen Clipping feature in Microsoft OneNote, you can take screenshots very quickly and easily, and that include multiple windows with just a few clicks of the mouse. The following it a quick step-by-step tutorial of how to use the Screen Clipping feature in Microsoft OneNote 2010.

Quick Tip:
A quick trick to doing Screen Clippings once Microsoft OneNote 2010 (or 2003) is running is press the Windows button plus the “S” key (Win-S) and it will gray out your screen for a Screen Clipping without requiring you to first open OneNote. This feature was originally in the 2003 version, but removed from 2007, and then put back again in 2010.


  1. Start Microsoft OneNote 2010.  On the startup page there are tabs at the top, under “Insert” there is an option for “Screen Clipping”, as shown in Figure 1 below.
  2. Figure 1 - The Screen Clipping button on the Ribbon

    Figure 1 - The Screen Clipping button on the Ribbon

  3. Choose the “Screen Clipping” option and OneNote will minimize and your previous screen will be shown.  The screen will become hazy and cross bars will appear.
  4. Place the cross bars where you want to start the screen clipping and drag to enclose the area you want to clip out then release the mouse.
  5. OneNote will come back up and show the screen clipping that you chose.
  6. Figure 2 - OneNote 2010 showing the new Screen Clipping

    Figure 2 - OneNote 2010 showing the new Screen Clipping

  7. From there you can go to email, Microsoft Word or where ever you choose and paste using CTRL-V.
  8. You can also right click on the image and save it to a different location.
  9. This image will be stored in OneNote on the left side bar so if you ever want to go back to look at it you can.
  10. The best thing about using Microsoft OneNote is you can clip all or part of what is on your screen. That way you are keeping only want you need and nothing you don’t.
  11. Figure 3 - A OneNote Screen Clipping of Multiple Windows

    Figure 3 - A OneNote Screen Clipping of Multiple Windows

This is also great for sending pictures on email because they aren’t as big as attaching them and if people aren’t going to print them they are perfect. You can crop out and just send them the perfect picture every time. You can also resize them after you paste by clicking on the corner and making them smaller or larger depending on what you are trying to do.

Submitted By: jamerzzzzz – February 5, 2011

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