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Creating a Database from Template using Microsoft Access 2007

by on Jan.19, 2011, under Access

One of the coolest features of Microsoft Access 2007 is the new and improved template features it provides. All of the database templates included in Microsoft Access 2007 are completely new, and best of all, you can create your own templates with the Access 2007 ADE (Access Developers Extensions) tools. Database templates are extremely useful for getting a database application started in Access 2007 and are designed to be generic and customizable. Creating a template using Access 2007 is very easy to do.


  1. From the Windows Start menu, start Microsoft Access 2007. This will open Access 2007 to the new Getting Started screen.
  2. Figure 1: Getting Started in Microsoft Access 2007

    Figure 1: Getting Started in Microsoft Access 2007

  3. There are several types of Template Categories in Microsoft Access 2007. The Featuring option, which is shown in the Template Categories in the left panel, should be selected by default. If not, click on the Featuring option in the left panel.
  4. Note:
    You could also choose the Local Templates category in the left panel, which only shows templates that are already installed on the machine. In addition, you could choose on of the Access Templates from Microsoft Office Online, by selecting one of the categories under the Office Online section in the left panel. However, for this example, we’ll just use one of the featured templates (which also come from Office online).

  5. In the center panel on the Access 2007 Getting Started screen, click on one of the templates to select it. In this case, I’ve chosen the “Contacts” template. Notice that when you click on the template in the center panel, it shows the template’s image and details in the right panel of the Access 2007 Getting Started screen.
  6. Figure 2: The Contacts template selected=

  7. Now, on the right panel of the Access 2007 Getting Started screen, choose a Name and Location to create the template. Then click the Download button to download the template and create a new database from it.
  8. Once the template has been downloaded, it will be instantiated and a new database application will be created and opened in the Access 2007 window. Congratulations, you have now created a Contacts Database application from a template using Microsoft Access 2007!
  9. Figure 3: The Contacts application created from Template

    Figure 3: The Contacts application created from Template

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