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ASCII Character Table for ISO 8859-1

ASCII Character Table for ISO 8859-1 I’ve been meaning to post, for some time now, a free ASCII Table for people to use. I wanted to do this because I wanted to post a table that is specifically NOT an image of ASCII chars, but the ACTUAL characters themselves, so they can be copied from [...]

Calculated Data Types in Microsoft Access 2010

Storing calculated values in tables is not usually good practice, however once in a great while there may be a valid reason to do so.  Microsoft Access 2010 has the ability to calculate and store a value in the table by using the Data Type Calculated. For example: (See Video above for Step by Step) There is [...]

Saving a Report as PDF with the Access 2010 GUI

One of the newer, and extremely useful, features of Microsoft Access is the ability to save reports as PDF (or XPS) documents. Introduced originally in Access 2007, this functionality was exposed though the Access GUI (Graphical User Interface), in Access Macros, and in VBA code. However, it seems that although this functionality is now available, [...]

Creating a Macro to Save a Report as PDF in Access 2010

Another method for outputting an Access Report to PDF is to create a Macro to do it automatically, whenever the Macro is called. This can be extremely useful when you want to create a button to create, or otherwise automatically generate, a PDF file for a Report in your Access database application. In this example, [...]

How to Enable the Developer Ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2010

One of the cool new features of Microsoft Office 2010 is that the Options dialog now allows the user to quickly and easily customize the Ribbon Settings for any of the Office applications. This also means that enabling the Developer Ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2010 is slightly different than previous versions. To enable the Developer [...]

Using the Graphics Manager to work with Images in Publisher 2007

We’ve all had it happen, we finally get our publication just right then we open our email to send it off and notice another email with updated pictures, graphics, or logos! Luckily, Microsoft Publisher has a Graphics Manager that makes replacing images quick and painless, saving you the time and headache of rebuilding your document! [...]

Using ShapeSheets in Microsoft Visio 2007

Every shape and object in Microsoft Visio 2007 has its own ShapeSheet. A ShapeSheet is a set of definitions, or properties, for a shape. They control the way Visio creates shapes and the way the shapes behave in a drawing. After you use ShapeSheets to modify a shape you can store it in stencils and [...]

Showing Hidden and System Objects in the Navigation Pane

It occurred to me that many people may not know how to show Hidden Objects and System Objects in the Navigation Pane, that are stored in the Access database application. But it is possible and very easy to do, so I thought I would write a short article about it. The following are the steps [...]

How to Create the USysRibbons table in Microsoft Access 2007

I recently needed to create a USysRibbons table to create Custom Tabs and Ribbons in Microsoft Access 2007. This is extremely easy to do in an Access database application, so I just wanted to write a short article about to how to create the USysRibbons table in Access 2007. Step-by-Step Open the Access database application [...]

Can’t Delete File in Windows Vista or Windows 7 – Problem Solved!

Recently I’ve had some problems deleting .MOV and .ICO files from my desktop in Windows Vista. After months of frustration and searching the web for a solution to the problem, I’ve finally found it! Although this issue seems to be very well known in both Windows Vista and Windows 7, I was only able to [...]